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Large or small, Environmental Roofing Services Ltd has delivered Solar Photovoltaic installations across UK commercial sectors. From schools and universities, to farming power solutions and industrial units, we provide bespoke advice tailored to your business needs.

Whether a daytime or 24-hour renewable electricity capability is required, our design services enable the right renewable system to be built for your business needs.

One of the biggest reasons for business owners making the decision to install solar is for financial purposes. At current installation costs, a solar photovoltaic system delivers electricity at a rate of around 5 pence per kWh including Operations & Maintenance costs.

This compares with the current grid supplied rate of approximately 15p per unit. The savings generated with most systems can start giving a return on your original investment after only 5 years.

Roofing and Renewables

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With a solar installation, the commercial sector can forward buy a significant portion of electricity for the next 25 years at a fixed price of around a third of what is paid now.

This supply cost won’t go up, it attracts no storage costs, and it can be exported to the grid taking advantage of the Smart Export Guarantee.

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